Over the Internet: Graduation Makeup Tutorial

March is the month for graduation here in the Philippines but because Holy Week started early this year, some were pushed back. I am counting down the days for my big day. This year, APRIL 3 IS THE DAY. I am very much excited to graduate yet I am nervous for unemployment as well.

To prep up my spirits for the big day, I looked for graduation makeup tutorials from local beauty gurus. Just to let you know, I am not really a YouTube watcher. I am more of a blog reader. I have not watched any of their earlier videos so most of them are of my first impressions.

Classic Graduation Party Makeup Tutorial by Chriselle Sy

I love Chriselle Sy (Cosmetic Fixation) and how in-depth her makeup tutorials are. I like the way details what kind of brush to use and where to apply it. I like that she tells what colors or shades to use without naming much brands, which I have noticed a lot of YouTube beauty gurus tend to do.

Classy Graduation Makeup Tutorial by anavictorin0

Ana Victorino’s tutorial is more simple than Chriselle’s but with the same in-depth quality. This is the first makeup tutorial I have watched from AV but I am a reader of her blog. Her sweet voice makes it a plus. For some reason her voice reminds me of Michelle Phan.

Graduation Day Makeup Look – saytiocoartillero by saytiocoartillero

Lindsay is a former classmate of mine back in elementary. I recently discovered her blog (Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero) last year and since then followed her because I love the idea that she patronizes local products in her blog and how she reaches out to make Tagalog tutorials in her YouTube channel. I also enjoy looking at her FOTD. She has made three different videos to reach out to her viewers: for high-end, for Tagalog speaking, and for budget.

Graduation Day Makeup Look (Tagalog Tutorial)

I prefer her makeup look here than the earlier video.

AFFORDABLE Graduation Makeup Look

I think she put in too much foundation in this video but her choices of products were interesting. I can’t wait to read her reviews on the products.

Fresh Graduation Look (Day Makeup) by COLORismyweapon

I recently discovered Noe Mae Villa-Gee (Color is My Weapon) while I was searching for YouTube videos on a graduation day makeup tutorial. I loved her video. With the way she talks in her video it made me feel I was in a makeup workshop or a makeup talk show.

For those who are into high-end makeup I recommend you to read Project Vanity’s Graduation Makeup Tutorial.

Do you have a D-Day this year?



Disney’s Paperman

I recently stumbled upon Paperman on my Facebook news feed. This animated short film was sweet without being cheesy. I liked the simple, minimalist black and white style. It was very interesting to see that the only pop of color you’d see is the red lipstick. I liked the way they detailed the “light” and wind movements. I also very much liked the flow and the progression of the background music.

I  found it amusing that he wasn’t asked to resign that day.

krneel128: “The ease with which the guy becomes so obsessed (enough to blow off his job) indicates his misunderstanding of reality, thus dooming the relationship (or he’s a fucking psychopath and will kill her before committing suicide). Animation, though, is beautiful.”

A very beautiful short film wherein you don’t need to hear words to understand the feelings they want to convey. All they needed is paper.


I Eat Like A Man: KFC Double Decker

I like to challenge myself. My most recent challenge is to eat KFC’s Double Decker. KFC Double Decker is a KFC Double Down in a bun.

I think that the poster is very deceiving. Yes, it was big but not as big as I thought it would be. The taste is good and satisfying but I felt that the meal was not challenging. KFC Double Decker is one of those meals that you only try to eat but will never eat it again.

KFC Double Decker at Php 145 a la carte, Php 175 with fries and drinks

Have you tried KFC’s Double Decker? How was it?

Size Doesn’t Matter and I am a Green-Eyed Monster

I saw this video on the Facebook news feed and I can’t believe my eyes. A fat girl is dating a handsome hot guy! The ugliness in me was slowly creeping out. I couldn’t help but think of cruel rude thoughts. “She must have blackmailed him.” “He’s probably gay.” “They’re just pretending to be dating.” “I bet it was just a dare.” I just couldn’t believe that they have been going out for already three years and me here, slightly more beautiful than her, and YET still single. I couldn’t understand how or why they’re going out together.