Size Doesn’t Matter and I am a Green-Eyed Monster

I saw this video on the Facebook news feed and I can’t believe my eyes. A fat girl is dating a handsome hot guy! The ugliness in me was slowly creeping out. I couldn’t help but think of cruel rude thoughts. “She must have blackmailed him.” “He’s probably gay.” “They’re just pretending to be dating.” “I bet it was just a dare.” I just couldn’t believe that they have been going out for already three years and me here, slightly more beautiful than her, and YET still single. I couldn’t understand how or why they’re going out together.

And I couldn’t help but sing the chorus of Paula Deanda’s song “When It Was Me”.

Tell me what makes her so much better than me
What makes her just everything I can never be
What makes her your every dream and fantasy

After watching a few of their videos, I can’t help but feel giddy for them. I mean they do look adorable together. Despite being overweight (I will not call her fat anymore to respect her), she does look cute. Goodness, he is hotness overload. One of the things that has been bothering me is why they don’t hold hands in any of the photos.

I admit I am just full of enviousness right now. I wonder if he met me earlier than his current girlfriend, could I have become his current girlfriend. I do not really believe in love and very much cynical so I had a hard time accepting it. Despite all the negativity, I do wish her the best and long-lasting love for the two of them. She’s one lucky gal!

Aren’t you also envious of them? What are your thoughts?


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