Disney’s Paperman

I recently stumbled upon Paperman on my Facebook news feed. This animated short film was sweet without being cheesy. I liked the simple, minimalist black and white style. It was very interesting to see that the only pop of color you’d see is the red lipstick. I liked the way they detailed the “light” and wind movements. I also very much liked the flow and the progression of the background music.

I  found it amusing that he wasn’t asked to resign that day.

krneel128: “The ease with which the guy becomes so obsessed (enough to blow off his job) indicates his misunderstanding of reality, thus dooming the relationship (or he’s a fucking psychopath and will kill her before committing suicide). Animation, though, is beautiful.”

A very beautiful short film wherein you don’t need to hear words to understand the feelings they want to convey. All they needed is paper.




  1. I love love this animation! My hubby mentioned this to me and when I got to finally watch it, I was so mesmerized on how this was made. It simply was beautiful, the comment above is funny though hehe. Nonetheless, I love Paperman and sometimes love doesn’t need words for it to be known. Paper alone, can do it! LOL.

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