Month: December 2012

I hate it when things get broken

IMAG0865 (2)

A few days ago, my computer table broke. The shelf holding the keyboard fell on top of my CPU. Now, I place my keyboard on top of my CPU (as seen in the photo). Right now I have a hard time typing because there’s no room where I can place my keyboard. I have to bend forward so that I could reach the keyboard.

The root cause of it all:


Any suggestions on how to fix this or alternatives?

[Wet n’ Wild] Festive Flirt Nail Kit

Wet n' Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit

Greetings! I recently received Wet n’ Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit ($4.99) as a Christmas gift from my godmother/ ninang. This is the first time I have received a nail polish as a gift and I prefer not getting them as a gift because I am not a nail polish person.  I have a bad habit of chipping the nail polish of. Nail polishes don’t last a day on me nor do I have the diligence to maintain them. My elder sister, when she saw my gift, immediately took it from me and took it out of the box. She claimed it as hers and I just went along with it because she liked it more than I liked it.

Before completely handing over the nail kit to my sister, I took photos of it and tried them on. (Sorry for the bad photos. It was dark, being it was Christmas Eve, but I did try my best.)

Wet n' Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit

Wet n’ Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit comes with 8 polishes. According to the packaging, Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit: “Vibrantly rich holiday colors with brilliant shine.” What I like about this kit is that most of the colors are usable for any occasion. The nail polish is pigmented but it comes with a strong alcohol scent. The name for the colors are also very cute.


Among the four, I really liked Bar-B and Almost Love. Misty Rose is also nice but the color makes me look older than I really am. Flirty Rose Crème was not my kind of pink, it was like carnation pink.


In my opinion, among the 8 nail polishes only one can be considered as “festive” and “vibrantly rich holiday colors” It is Royal Red. The rest are not really “festive” colors. They are dull to be compared to “festive”. Neither are they a “holiday color” but all of them can be considered to have a “brilliant shine”. Despite the pretty colors in the kit, I don’t find all the colors festive to be called “Festive Flirt Nail Kit”.

Among the four, I liked Shy and Broken Hearted, while Royal Red doesn’t go well with my skin tone.


The kit also comes with a handy nail file.

Nevertheless, it was a nice gift. I also wanted it for my own but my sister likes it more than me. I suggested that I would have half of the 8 nail polishes but she didn’t like the idea. I didn’t want to have a hard time so I just gave everything to her. She would appreciate it more than me. (For those of you who don’t know, my elder sister has autism.) What I plan to do is just say that it’s hers and leave it with her but I will use it once in a while, whenever I get a chance. This is how we share. LOL.

Thank you ninang for the sweet gift! My sister and I both liked it.

What recent gifts have you gotten this Christmas? Have you tried any Wet n’ Wild  nail polishes?



I joined yet another giveaway. I love joining giveaways and it seems to have become a hobby of mine. I join giveaways not really with the thought or plan of winning. I join because I find it fun and interesting to see what odds could be in my favor.

To all my lovely readers, I also invite you to join SEE IT, LOVE IT, SWATCH IT FOLLOWER & XMAS GIVEAWAY!

Today I have a special post for you all – a GIVEAWAY! As you know xmas is getting closer and closer and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway. Despite being Christmas, I also wanted to do this giveaway because I’ve almost reached 1000 followers on GFC so I wanted to say a big thank you to all of my readers. Additionally it’s been 8 months since I started my blog and I cannot believe the amazing support all of you have given to me. I’m extremely overwhelmed with emotions, especially gratitude! So to say a massive THANK YOU and to celebrate Christmas here’s a special giveaway.


This giveaway will be a little different to the ones I’ve done recently. I’ve usually just had a mixture of products that were given to one winner, however because we have so much more to celebrate this time around, I decided to have three prizes and three different winners!

I tried to split the prizes evenly so everyone will be receiving the same amount as the others, but there may be one or two items in each prize that may catch your eye.

Before we get onto the rules and what not, I just wanted to say that all items in this giveaway were purchased with my own money except the four products by Paul Penders. If you remember from my Paul Penders review post a couple of months ago then you will be familiar with this brand, they have generously provided me with a couple of items that I think you’re going to love!! So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Paul Penders as well.

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May the odds be ever in our favor! 🙂

Ghost Hunt Sequel: Akumu no Sumu Ie (The Nightmare Dwelling)

Title: Akumu no Sumu Ie: Ghost Hunt, The House in Which Nightmares Dwell, The House of Nightmares – Ghost Hunt, 悪夢の棲む家 ゴーストハント

Author: ONO Fuyumi

Artist: INADA Shiho

Publisher: Kodansha, 2012

Genre: Horror, Josei, Mystery, Supernatural

Summary from Wonderland After Hours:

Midori’s mother has finally acquired her dream home, but it isn’t long before supernatural phenomenas disrupt the peace of the family. And if unexplained electricity failures, strange phone calls, and the eerie presence of spirits weren’t enough, finding unexplainable blood in the bathroom becomes the last straw. Mai and Shibuya Psychic Research are brought in to investigate, but what horrors will they find in the ‘dream’ home that turns out to be nothing but a nightmare?

Akumu no Sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt is based on a sequel novel of the original Ghost Hunt novel, set several months in the future.

Aiyaaa! I just found out last Sunday that my favorite horror/mystery manga, Ghost Hunt, sequel has already been scanlated in MangaFox. (Yes, I know it’s illegal but I can’t help it.) I have waited for its release ever since I heard that Fuyumi-san is going to make a manga sequel of her famous novel Ghost Hunt’s sequel, The White Heart Series. I have searched everywhere for the online translations of the novel, but to no avail. Finally, the long wait is over! Even though I can’t find any online translations, at least there’s the online manga scanlations!

I just love this manga series! The manga is drawn simple but the plot line is very enticing and addictive. Once I start, I can’t stop. It is one of those mangas that you didn’t want to end. The kind that you’d read over and over without getting sick of it. Also the kind of manga you can’t get enough of and went through all the trouble of: finding the novel translations, watching the anime, and trying to get any related material.

I really recommend this to manga readers who are also into horror and mystery. The first 2 chapters are released and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Have you ever encountered a manga that you didn’t want to end? The kind where you’d read it over and over without getting sick of it? The kind that you’d go through all the trouble of finding, reading, and watching anything related to it? Do share!

The Face Shop November Haul

December is nearly ending when I realized I have long overdue posts! Thesis and Events Management has taken up most of my time, sleep, and rest that I have neglected blogging. I don’t entirely blame them because I have also gotten lazy and unmotivated with blogging.

The Face Shop NovemberLesson 01 Circle Face Brush, Php 595, Nature Mask Sheet Set (Lovely Christmas 2012 Gift Set) Php 295,  Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyeliner in Black Php 165, Flebote White Crystal Effect Essence FREE.

I am a frequent shopper at The Face Shop. I was planning on buying a good stippling or a foundation brush because I use liquid products more. After reading  about Lesson 01 Circle Face Brush through Kikay Trekkie’s blog  and reviews from Philippine beauty bloggers that Lesson 01 Circle Face Brush is a good dupe for Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush (Php 1,500), I then decided to buy it.

While walking through the boutique, I saw that they were selling a Nature Mask Sheet Set. Yes, I have an addiction for mask sheets. I couldn’t resist buying the set because I haven’t tried most of the products in the set. The set includes: Real Nature Mask Rice, Mung Bean, Red Ginseng, Cucumber, and Olive. I also bought Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyeliner in Black hoping that maybe I could get a free Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam (30ml) only to find out it’s with a minimum single receipt purchase of Php 1,000 on regular Make Up products. Sad. Oh well, at least I got a free Flebote White Crystal Effect Essence.

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