Month: October 2012

Review: Glam Works Make Up Remover Cleansing Wipes

I can’t live without cleansing wipes. They are my must haves for lazy persons like me. There are days when I just get too tired from work/school that I don’t have time to remove my makeup and wash my face. I just grab a cleansing wipe, wipe it throughout my face and go to bed.

My most recent find is this Glam Works Make Up Remover Cleansing Wipes. Usually what I buy is baby wipes but when I saw this at buy-one-get-one promo, I couldn’t resist but to buy it. I got these 2 packs at a price of one at 10 sheets for Php 49! Great deal for me!

Product claims:

  • Removes traces of dirt, oil, and makeup.
  • Ideal for travelling or for quick cleaning.

Glam Works Make Up Remover Cleansing Wipes are designed to gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin. Leaving it clean, healthy and smooth.

Directions for use:

  1. Pull back the seal to open the cover.
  2. Remove the wipes.
  3. Reseal firmly to prevent moisture loss.
  4. Do not flush used wipes.

Ingredients: water (aqua), glycerine, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, lanosterol, laureth-10, ethyrlparaben, propylparaben, chlorhexidine.

Caution: Best used within 45 days after opening. Avoid direct contact to the eyes.

Made in P.R.C.

I swatched on my arm to show you how effective it is. 😀

In just one wipe my arm has been completely clean!

What I like about the product:

  • Very affordable at Php 49!
  • Has a refreshing, aloe scent.
  • The texture is just like baby wipes.
  • The wipe/ tissue is wet with essence with being dripping wet.
  • Removes my daily makeup with just one wipe/ tissue.
  • Doesn’t irritate my face.
  • Very convenient to use and for travelling.

What I don’t like about the product:

  • Contains parabens. 😩

Verdict: I love it! I didn’t expect it to deliver so well. I only have to use one wipe/ tissue to remove my makeup. It is so hassle free!

Would I repurchase? Definitely!

To whom do I recommend this to? Everyone!


Review: The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet Collagen

Essential Mask Sheet Collagen:

A lifting and moisturizing mask sheet for smooth and light absorption and intense effects of collagen.


  1. Pull out a sheet.
  2. Unfold and place it on the face.
  3. Remove after 15-20 minutes and let the residue absorb into the skin.

Tips: Store you face masks and sheets inside your refrigerator for a cooling and refreshing feel. For better results, use face mask/ sheet before applying make-up.

What I like about the product:

  • I got in on sale! Instead of Php 95, I only got it for Php 65.
  • It is very cool to the skin. Our fridge broke down a yesterday, but when I put on the mask it was cooling to the skin.
  • My face was moisturized, refreshed, and firmed. I was like on BB cream, I was dewy! Even after 10 hours since I put on the mask sheet the effects were still there.


  • The mask sheet was soaking wet which is a good thing and a bad thing. It kind of annoyed me that while I was resting/ sleeping, the essence was dripping over my ears and neck.

What I don’t like about the product:

  • The mask sheet was a bit big for me. I had a hard time breathing because the nose flap covered my entire nose.
  • It has strong smell of alcohol.
  • The mask sheet kind of irritated my skin. My face became a bit itchy every now and then.
  • As always, and I will still complain about it until they do something about it, no complete English translation!

Verdict: It’s a love-hate situation but overall it was a good product.

Would I repurchase? Maybe not. The skin on my face is sensitive. Unless it proves that it wasn’t the cause of my irritation I will consider buying again.

To whom do I recommend this to? Anyone who likes face masks and especially those who want to moisturize, refresh and make firm their skin.

Have you tried any Face Shop face masks? How was your experience?

Review: Maybelline Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

When I ran out of Estée Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover, I had been living on baby wipes to remove my makeup. I realized that I cannot live on baby wipes alone. I did my research on good drugstore makeup products and found good reviews for Maybelline Eye and Lip Make Up Remover. At first I was skeptical but after trying it out it came out to be a good purchase!

Maybelline says:

Efficiently removes all waterproof make up. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.

  • Effective and easy: This formula instantly removes all eye and lip make up, even waterproof and non-transfer.
  • Gentle: Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around eyes.


Review: Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask

It’s been a while, since I last blogged! I have been extremely busy this entire week that I had no time to blog. I bought this eye mask last August and I have been using it at least once a week. I bought this because I realized that I have wrinkles under my eyes and my eyes have become puffy. I thought I needed to counter it ASAP! I am a big fan of collagen so when I saw this I was taken.

Purederm Collagen Eye Cone Mask:

Enriched with Collagen, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and tropical fruits. Provides intensive hydration and diminishes the signs of aging. Helps reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. For all skin types.


Spring Fling: EstĂ©e Lauder Gift Set

Estée Lauder gift set

I just want to share to you one of the favorite gifts I’ve gotten. I got this EstĂ©e Lauder gift set from my ninang on my birthday last year, if my memory serves me correct. This has been my favorite gift because it’s EstĂ©e Lauder! Well, other than that I love it because their products are effective! In this gift set are my favorite blushes and make-up remover. I like this entire set because it really does bring out the “spring” feeling. These are the only high-end products I ever have in my collection.

What it says: