Month: August 2012

My Homage to Google

I would not have survived blogging without Google. Since I am new to WordPress there are things I didn’t know how to do. Even though I like to tinker my way through, I was clueless on how things work on WordPress. I googled things I don’t know how to do, like how to embed youtube videos into my blog post. With much patience, tinkering, and googling, I am able to keep up in my blogging. There is nothing I asked the Google couldn’t answer. I am still in the process of becoming a better blogger and I expect there would be more googling time. (more…)


I feel sorry for my blog which I have neglected for a number of reasons. The typhoons and floodings came in and I couldn’t use the internet for a period of time. Then my computer broke down for an unknown reason, and then life came in. I got so busy with my practicum and practicum requirements that I was too tired to blog. The things I planned to write were all put on hold. Now, they’re all piled up somewhere. I’ll try to blog again SOON! Bear with me! 😀

‘Til I blog again


Delivery that touches your heart

Today, I asked my friend to fix my computer. I don’t know how to call him, but he’s more of my father figure in the church. I may have lost my blood father, but God has given me people who I consider as my “father” and treat me as their own. Now, I have many “fathers”! So when he came over to fix my computer, he also brought me egg tarts from Lord Stow’s. I don’t know how he and his wife does it, I don’t tell them but whenever I am feeling down and blue they always manage to “deliver” me something to make me chipper. They were the ones who also brought me the super yummy lasagna. Their “deliveries” always makes me warm and cuddly inside. They always take good care of me.

Yummy Lord Stow’s egg tarts. 🙂

No words can describe how much I deeply appreciate them. I thank and praise God for giving me such loving third family. (more…)

Memories of Philippine Flooding

The weather in the Philippines has been very awful this past few weeks. We have been subsequently hit by typhoons. I have been praying since last week Monday for the rain to lighten up, but it seems like many students were praying for more rains to come which would lead to suspension of classes. I admit I was like that before but when I reached college I stopped wishing for such things. I have seen its effects and how it cripples people.

I lived most of my childhood in San Juan until I moved in with my grandmother in Balintawak when I reached high school. We lived in a compound (there are rows of houses and one main gate) where all of my relatives in my mother’s side lives. My great-grandparents bought the area and made a house for each of her sons and daughters. It easily gets flooded in San Juan, so the houses were built with steps to make the houses higher than the ground.

I remember when I was younger, my cousins, uncles (who were around the same age as us), and I would be sort of excited when it floods three steps high and inch lower than our door (that’s how high our house in San Juan is, styled for flooding). We would exclaim, “Whee! No classes!” We would cuddle in the front door and fold different sizes of paper boats. We were young and foolish, we never realized the gravity of the flooding ’til we reached our teens. (more…)

Post-Birthday Gift

As you can see, I am not creative when it comes to the title of my post. So last month, I celebrated my 21st birthday. I still can’t believe and accept the fact that I am no longer a TEENager. I have stopped counting my age when I reached 18. So whenever people ask me how old I am, I initially think I am 18 years old then realizing I was 18 years ago!

I am now 21, but I still am fond of cute, adorable, unique things. When my friend gave this to me, I can’t help but want to show it to everyone.

My friend gave me this “egg” looking thing. I don’t know what you call it, but you can mostly find it at toy shops. It usually costs you a few of your coins, depending where you come from. (more…)