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Package from GIG and First Impressions

GIG Package

Back in December, I won GIG’s 100 Thank You Event (my post here and here). My package was due to come mid-January but it took more than a month before I received a notice from the Quezon City Central Post Office that my package has arrived for claiming. Two notices came in my mail on the last week of February dating January 18 and February 11. I was very annoyed because it isn’t the first time it happened to me (Package from WishTrend). Thank goodness the box doesn’t look battered like the last time. Like I said, I don’t know how the Philippine postal system works. I wish my Filipino readers could give me an insight on this.

Inside GIG Package

I was only able to claim my package last Tuesday. It is bought from WishTrend. the items were well wrapped to prevent any damages from shipping. From what I know I won an ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner. I was shocked to see that there were two items inside the package!

GIG Package

Apparently, the kind GIG girls also sent me a matching ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleanser! I now have a new skin care routine.

ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner and Vita Capsule Cleaner

I would like to thank again GIG and all the sponsors of the event : (D) Sweetjellybean, (Ange) The Charmed Cupcake, (Liss) Latino Look, (Lisa) Mademoiselle Snow, (Dee) Haute Frugalista, (Mari) I Love Green Inspiration and (Saran) Cinnamon Spring. This is really a gracious gift from you.

ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleaner

I like the packaging of the ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleaner. It’s very minimalist yet feminine.

ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner

The ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner comes with a manual that is very easy to understand. It has instructions in four different languages- English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner

ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner back

There is also a manual and instructions in English at the back. It was well written and easy to follow.

ElishaCoy 3d Spin Cleaner

It’s cool that it also comes with batteries.

I like the design of ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleanser and 3D Spin Cleaner. It is very sleek and chic. The only thing I found odd is that my 3D Spin Cleaner DOESN’T COME WITH A SILICON PAD. I’ve seen the product manual and photo review from WishTrend, read reviews, read the entire box and manual. They all said it comes with a silicon pad. I tried searching the entire box thinking that maybe it was misplaced but there really wasn’t a silicon pad. Is it sold separately?

ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleaner and 3D Spin Cleaner

I am currently still trying out the products. I would probably write a review some time next week.

Have you tried any ElishaCoy products?


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A Pleasant Surprise| I Am a Winner!

A few weeks ago, I joined GIG’s 100 Thank You Event (my post here).

I really wasn’t expecting to win this event because I was not an active member of GIG– I was the silent type. I am not an active blogger nor did I have a large reader base.

I was very surprised to see this post, with my name, on my Facebook newsfeed!

GIG's 100 Follower Giveaway Winner

I could not believe my eyes. I thought my eyes fooled me! I blinked my eyes and double checked if what I was seeing was true. Apparently, it is true! It is so true, I could not believe it. I was afraid I was dreaming. I kept staring at it until my brain has comprehended that I really had won.

No words can say how thankful I am. My heart is still over flowing with joy and my eyes are still holding back my tears.

Thank you Lord for such a sweet blessing.

Thank you GIG and all the sponsors of the event : (D) Sweetjellybean, (Ange) The Charmed Cupcake, (Liss) Latino Look, (Lisa) Mademoiselle Snow, (Dee) Haute Frugalista, (Mari) I Love Green Inspiration and (Saran) Cinnamon Spring.

Thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me.

I had only wished for this and I am incredibly happy that I am blessed to win in this event. I can’t wait to receive this and try it out.

Happy holidays everyone! May your wishes come true as it did for me.

Has any of your wishes been fulfilled this year?

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Join GIG’s Worldwide Giveaway! -ended-

GIG’S Worldwide Giveaway!

GIG finally hits 100 members (109 to be exact!) today after just being a week’s old as a group! What a great way to start your weekend and welcome December!

I can’t thank enough the co-founders of this group for being so awesome in helping me out to put everything together. And check out our diverse members, who simply love blogging. From beauty, fashion, great DIY inspiration, baking, photography, reviews, to sharing travel escapades around the world!

And as a big THANK YOU to everyone, I would like to launch our first ever GIG giveaway, open WORLDWIDE, and sponsored by yours truly and the GIG co-founders. (see end of post)

It’s the ‘GIG 100 Thank You Event’— you’re one of a kind event that invites all GIG members to join and grab this brand spanking new must-have beauty gizmo!


This newly-released beauty cleanser will come with ElishaCoy Vita Cleansing Foam as well, to complete your cleansing beauty experience! (will be purchased from a trusted seller

How to win this amazing prize?

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