The Face Shop Real Nature Mask

The Face Shop November Haul

December is nearly ending when I realized I have long overdue posts! Thesis and Events Management has taken up most of my time, sleep, and rest that I have neglected blogging. I don’t entirely blame them because I have also gotten lazy and unmotivated with blogging.

The Face Shop NovemberLesson 01 Circle Face Brush, Php 595, Nature Mask Sheet Set (Lovely Christmas 2012 Gift Set) Php 295,  Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyeliner in Black Php 165, Flebote White Crystal Effect Essence FREE.

I am a frequent shopper at The Face Shop. I was planning on buying a good stippling or a foundation brush because I use liquid products more. After reading  about Lesson 01 Circle Face Brush through Kikay Trekkie’s blog  and reviews from Philippine beauty bloggers that Lesson 01 Circle Face Brush is a good dupe for Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush (Php 1,500), I then decided to buy it.

While walking through the boutique, I saw that they were selling a Nature Mask Sheet Set. Yes, I have an addiction for mask sheets. I couldn’t resist buying the set because I haven’t tried most of the products in the set. The set includes: Real Nature Mask Rice, Mung Bean, Red Ginseng, Cucumber, and Olive. I also bought Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyeliner in Black hoping that maybe I could get a free Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam (30ml) only to find out it’s with a minimum single receipt purchase of Php 1,000 on regular Make Up products. Sad. Oh well, at least I got a free Flebote White Crystal Effect Essence.

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Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Olive

Real Nature Mask Olive:

An extract grounded from fresh olive 4,000 ppm contained. An extra moisturizing/ nourishing mask sheet containing olive extract rich in polyphenol, a natural moisturizer blessed by nature, to moisturize and smoothen the dry and rough skin.

Ingredients: Water, butylene glycol, glycerine, SD alcohol 40-B, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, oleea europeae (olive) fruit oil, xanthan gum, hydrogenated lecithin, dimethicone, phaseolus radiatus extract, betula platyphylla japonica bark extract, rumex crispus root extract, carbomer, PEG-60 hydrogenerated castor oil, triethanolamine, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance.

Tips: Store you face masks and sheets inside your refrigerator for a cooling and refreshing feel. For better results, use face mask/ sheet before applying make-up.

What I like about the product:

  • I got in on sale! Instead of Php 95, I only got it for Php 65.
  • It is very cool to the skin.
  • My face was moisturized, refreshed, and soft.
  • My face lightened after using this face mask.


  • Contains parabens. I saw articles about it but I think it is still arguable whether it really is bad for the skin or not. Some people might not strictly like it, while I am just neutral about it. Until there is a final say on it, I will stay neutral about this matter.

What I don’t like about the product:

  • The mask sheet was a bit big for me. I had a hard time breathing because the nose flap covered my entire nose.

Verdict: I love this product! Among all TFS Real Nature Masks I have tried, this one is the one I liked best. It deeply hydrates and makes your skin moisturized. What’s amazing was that after using the face mask, my face lightened!

Would I repurchase? Yes!

To whom do I recommend this to? Anyone who likes face masks and especially those who wants to moisturize their skin.

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Have you tried any Face Shop face masks? How was your experience?

Fruity October Haul

It has been full of discounts and sales for the month of October. I couldn’t miss such a temptation. My sale/promo watch has left me penniless last month. I really need to stop checking out the Facebook updates of beauty brands.

From L to R: Pomegranate Shower Gel (250 ml) Php 395, Pomegranate Body Polish (200 ml) Php 595, Body Polisher Php 295, Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist (100 ml) Php 795

Out of habit I went to check out The Body Shop on their new items. I saw that they were on sale and was very tempted to buy. I ended up purchasing Pomegranate Shower Gel for Php 197.50, Pomegranate Body Polish for Php 297.50, Body Polisher for Php 265.50, Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist for Php 477. For items which would have costed me Php 2,080, I was able to purchase them for only Php 1,237.50 and was able to save Php 842.50! Isn’t that an awesome deal?

From L to R: Real Nature Mask Raspberry Php 95, Flebote Collagenic XP (speacial gift set) FREE, Herb Day 365 Foam Cleanser Acerola (1 ml) FREE, Fermented Raspberry Foam Cleanser (150 ml) Php 595

I was doing my regular window shopping when I saw that The Face Shop was having a buy-one-take-one promo (buy two for a price of one) for one of their cleansers, Fermented Raspberry Foam Cleanser, for only Php 595! As usual, I couldn’t resist such an offer and purchased it. The sales agent talked me into buying another item so that I could avail their freebie. She suggested me to buy Real Nature Mask Raspberry since the facial cleanser I bought was in raspberry. Thank goodness it was still on sale and I got it for only Php 65. I ended up getting two freebies, Flebote Collagenic XP (speacial gift set) and a sample of Herb Day 365 Foam Cleanser Acerola (1ml).

I promised myself that I won’t be purchasing any more beauty products for November but it looks like it will be hard. The Christmas season is coming and many beauty brands have been releasing discounted special gift sets and holiday season products. Sigh.

Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera

Real Nature Mask Lemon:

Extract grounded from fresh aloe vera 1,000 mg contained. A soothing/ hydrating mask sheet which hydrates and soothes the skin with a rich sense of moisturization, to provide instant care to puffy and sensitive skin.

The mask has a very strong Aloe Vera smell that even by just opening the packaging you can already smell it. The smell does not appeal to me but since it’s “grounded from fresh aloe vera” I let it go. I have become accustomed to applying The Face Shop’s face masks.  Not all in the packaging were translated into English, the directions were in Korean.


September Haul: Face Mask Addiction and Other Things

There’s no doubt that I love buying beauty products. There came a time that every weekend I would just shop for beauty products!

I follow The Body Shop Philippines on Facebook and you could say that I regularly check their updates. When they announced that they will release another “campaign product” (that’s what I call it) the Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, I just automatically, without any hesitations, decided that I will buy it. I am just a huge fan and supporter of their campaigns.

Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, Php 250

That same week, TBS Philippines also announced a sale on their Strawberry Shower Gel, I was just tempted to buy one! One of the reasons I love TBS is their great line of products and their constant sales!

Strawberry Shower Gel (250 ml), Php 395 but I got mine at Php 195!