The Body Shop All in One Face Base

My Make-up Collection: Face

Make-up is one of the few things I have in common with my mom. My love for make-up started when I was just a kid. Watching my mom doing her daily make-up, I was curious about them. When my mom goes out, I would look through her things and make swatches of her make-up on my arms. Her lipsticks became my favorite toy. I remember a time when I was still yet a kid, I really liked a certain make-up palette from my mom’s kit. I really wanted to have it and begged my mom to give it to me but my mom won’t give it to me. Instead, she promised me she would give it to me when I reached my teens. Back then, I was excited to grow up so that I could have that palette! Then eventually, with my father’s sudden death and our constant moving of houses, the palette was forgotten. Even if my mom did keep the promise, the palette would have become old,  broken and had gone bad. Looking back, I loved that palette and that palette started it all for my love for make-up. (more…)