2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


Nominated! Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award Nominations


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Thank you Snow from Mademoiselle Snow for nominating me for this blogger award. I am very touched to receive my first award nomination. :”> Thank you! Please do check out her blog!

7 Things about me:

  1. I am very lazy. I am not fond of doing things that I think are a hassle.
  2. I am a Christian.
  3. I love my dog, Yoko, a Pomeranian. She’s like a baby to me.
  4. I hope to graduate by the end of March or early April this year.
  5. I plan to go to a church training, in lay man’s terms a theological school for two years after I graduate.
  6. I love beauty. I love to read about them and talk about them.
  7. I’d like to have a pen pal. I currently have one, she’s from Sweden.


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  7. Pink Lady Beauty
  8. Wear It Fabulously
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  14. Fairytales and Coffee
  15. Daily Snippets Of Life

Cheers to a Fabulous New Year!

My new year didn’t  exactly start out right. I got bitten by my friend’s dog on the afternoon of January 1. Amusingly, he bit me right after eating the dog treat I gave him. Despite the pain, I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing.

Two days after, my friend texted me informing me that we both had won a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just had woken up from my nap that night she texted. My mind was still very groggy and the only reactions that came to me were: “We won at the Paskuhan raffle?” “It’s a SCAM! SCAM I TELL YOU!” But my reply to her text was, “Oh really? I will check it out once my computer finishes booting.”

When my computer finished booting, I immediately logged on my Facebook account to see what the fuss has been about. I received three private messages from my friends informing me that I won.  I was wondering how I won until I saw my friend’s post on my wall that I won from Samsung’s Christmas promo, Samsung Galaxy Christmas Wishlist! I realized that I joined their raffle promo earlier in December. I already forgot about it, though it crossed my mind once or twice but I never made an effort to check out who the winners were. I could not believe I won. My eyes were glued on the screen thinking, “Wow, is this for real?”

The mechanics were to create a Christmas wishlist by matching 12 Samsung Galaxy phones to 12 of  Facebook friends (aka Chosen friends) whom they want to gift the phones to. I only made two wishlists instead of troubling myself to create a wishlist every single day. This was a raffle so winning is by pure chance and there’s no harm in taking chances. I took the chance and said to myself that if God wanted me to win, He will let me win. Samsung  Galaxy Christmas Wishlist 2012

I was being stupid that after thanking the Lord for His blessings, I questioned Him. I was like, “Why are You so nice to me?” “Why do You love me so much?” “I am such a failure, yet You’re too kind to me.” I could feel that the Lord wanted to smack my head right then and there and telling me, “Stupid woman. Isn’t this what you wanted? Can’t you just be thankful that I love you and I know what you need and what you want?” Anyway, I repented and thanked Him all over again afterwards.

My friend and I are very much excited to get out tabs! I spend some of my idle time daydreaming what I will do with it. Actually, I still have no idea what I will do with it. I still have my handy secondhand desktop computer which makes the tablet a bit useless to me. I don’t know but I am sure that it’s going to be useful to me in the long run. 😉

Who cares about the mad dog who bit me, I won a Galaxy Tab 2! Whoopeedoo!

How was the beginning of your 2013?

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I hate it when things get broken

IMAG0865 (2)

A few days ago, my computer table broke. The shelf holding the keyboard fell on top of my CPU. Now, I place my keyboard on top of my CPU (as seen in the photo). Right now I have a hard time typing because there’s no room where I can place my keyboard. I have to bend forward so that I could reach the keyboard.

The root cause of it all:


Any suggestions on how to fix this or alternatives?

Blog Hop#1 November 19th – 25th

I have always been interested in joining a blog hop but I don’t know how. When I finally saw one I immediately took the chance! 😀 Sadly, I joined on a few days after it expires. Boo. 😦 Oh well! I wanted to know how it goes. 😀

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