Beauty Bar Haul

Beauty Bar Haul

It’s been a while since I went to Beauty Bar so when Project Vanity held their 5th BlogAnniversary at Beauty Bar, Bonifacio High Street, I decided to look around to check out their items.

Beauty Bar Haul

I have read things about brush guards how it helps maintain your brushes’ shape when you clean them. I think that brush guards are a beauty necessity that’s why I decided to buy one. I was planning on buying from Charm Makeup Brushes a 12-piece brush guard at Php 250. I was never an online shopping person that’s why I prolonged my plan purchase. but as I was lurking around the beauty blog-sphere, I found out that Beauty Bar is also selling brush guards! I found out through Eula Sleeps‘ blog post on  how she dries her brushes that Beauty Bar’s is selling a 15-piece brush guard for Php 245. That’s 5 Pesos cheaper with 5 more brush guards! HAHA! I am such a cheapskate. I am always on the look out for cheaper and more value finds.

My usual lash glue is Ardell and when I ran out of lash glue I was being stupid and bought a Ardell LashTite Adhesive for Individual Lashes which costed me Php 350! I don’t even know how to use it! Unitl now, it’s stuck in my drawer somewhere. Through the local beauty bloggers I found out that there are actually good lash glues that are cheaper. One of the popular cheaper lash glues is Andrea Modlash Eyelash Adhesive for Strip Lashes which only costs Php 195.

ArtDeco is a brand that brings back sentimental values. I remember way back when I was a kid, I used to play a lot with my mother’s makeup. I remember ArtDeco eye shadows being one of them. I decided to build an ArtDeco palette and collect the eye shadows, blushes, etc. of ArtDeco. I decided to start by buying ArtDeco’s Beauty Box Quattro luckily, a Limited Edition ArtDeco Beauty Box Quattro was on sale. It has a pretty jeweled design, from Php 425 it was sold at Php 318.75. I can’t wait to fill up this palette.

What are your recent buys? Do you know any cheap buys?




  1. Oh I want me a brush guard! I only came across one via Sigma beauty – but too expensive for my liking lol. I’m also using one of Ardell’s products, the brow serum, so effective and affordable. Love your haul hun

    Xx Donah

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