Back Alive | Estée Lauder Travel Case

3rd Best Oral DefenseBy God’s grace and mercy, we came 3rd in Best Oral Defense

February was a hell for us college graduating students. I was so busy I wasn’t able to fulfill my resolution to blogging twice a week. We were packed with papers, deadlines, quizzes, and exams. Looking back everything seemed like a mad rush for us and February just seemed like it was just yesterday. It seemed like it was just yesterday when we were defending our thesis defense. But now, we’re glued in our screens waiting for our final grades to be released and anticipating our graduation march this April.

I am now free from all my school constraints! I can now freely blog as much as I want.

Estée Lauder Gift Box

I received a travel case from my Ninang for Christmas back in December. It’s my Ninang who would always give me Estée Lauder gifts. I’ve meant to post about this but due to school work I held back. I just loved her gift for me, even my mom wanted it! She kept bugging me before that I should just give it to her but I wouldn’t budge.

Estée Lauder Travel Bag

The travel case  is very beautiful and functional. It also contains a few beauty essentials.

20130129_162137The upper zipper contains: 3 compact disc eyeshadow quads, 1 Blushing Cheek Natural CheekColor Duo, 3 Pure Color Nail Lacquer, and a makeup brush set.

Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Set

Estée Lauder Travel Bag Lower

The lower zipper contains: 1 More than Mascara mascara, 4 Re-Nutriv All-Day Lipsticks, 3 Lip Defining Pencils, and 1 Eye Defining Pencil.

I am in love with most of the items! What Estée Lauder product have you tried?



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