A Package from WishTrend

Introduce WishTrend Winners

Back in December, I won at WishTrend‘s event called “Introduce WishTrend“. I was very delighted to find out the I won a Klair’s Restoring Time Cream. I have been eyeing Klair’s for some time now because of its brand concept.

I had been really excited about my first international win and I am really apologetic to WishTrend because of my “constant” inquiry of the package. I don’t know how the postal system works in their country and in my country. I had been anxious when I did not receive it after three weeks. I have also been constantly looking at WishTrend’s wall to see if anyone from my country, Philippines, have received their package. When I saw that some Philippine bloggers have already received their package, my worry grew greater. I was afraid it got lost and was delivered somewhere else.

WisTrend Package

My wait was over when I received a notice to get it at the Quezon City Central Post Office, two weeks ago. When I got my package and saw the stamps on my package, I realized that the notice was not delivered on time. They also told me to ignore the second notice they have sent which I only received a few days ago. It’s my first time receiving a package, and now I know how poor their system is.

WishTrend Package

I am terribly sorry WishTrend whom I have constantly inquired about my package. I am also thankful to them for being so patient and understanding with me. Their customer service is really good. They would reply to you as soon as possible. I hope to work with you more in the future.

IMAG0014I just love how well they package their products. You are assured that the items will arrive to you safely and without damage. Just look at how well they packaged my Klair’s cream! The thickness of the bubble wrap!  To be honest, I carefully removed the bubble wrap, making sure I don’t pop any on the process so that I can pop it myself later.

Klair's Illuminating Supple Cream

When I opened it, I found out I was one of those who got a Klair’s Illuminating Supple Cream instead of a Klair’s Restoring Time Cream because of “inventory affairs” according to WishTrend. I think I like the idea of “Illuminatin Supple” than “Restoring Time”.

catsI absolutely adore Klair’s packaging. From the sticker seal of the box, to the bottle. The packaging reminds of those vintage jars and bottles. I just love every inch of the packaging! I can’t wait to try it after I use up my other moisturizers.

Oh lookie! It comes with a cute sticker!WishTrend Sticker

Have you bought anything from WishTrend? How was your experience?


  1. I’ve tried so many things from WishTrend – Caolion’s BB cream and a few of the Mustaev products. I’m in love – the BB creams on WishTrend are friggin’ amazing – plus, I love Elisha Coy…

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