To a Healthier 2013

I know this is already a long-delayed post, but I felt obliged to still push through it. This way, I would be reminded of my goals for this year.

  1. Wake up early!  Because I am such a slacker. I love my bed so much that no matter how early I sleep, I wake up at noon. I feel my days have become unproductive.
  2. Sleep by 12 midnight. In order to wake up early, I must also sleep early. As much as possible I hope to be bed by 12 midnight so that I would be fully recharged by the morning.
  3. Read the Bible every morning. I believe reading the Bible is such a necessity to daily Christian life. But because I wake up late and end up hurrying to school every single day, I tend to neglect my Bible reading.
  4. Jog at least THRICE a week. Like I said, I am such a slacker. My heart needs serious pumping and my body needs some sweating.
  5. No carb diet for dinner.  (Except on special occasions) I have gotten real fat these past few months. My largest pair of jeans hardly fits me anymore. Terrible, terrible.
  6. Drink more water! I am obviously dehydrated because I always forget to drink water.
  7. Avoid fast food, soft drinks, milk tea. Avoid things that are fattening and unhealthy.
  8. Shopping ban. To all my wants. I need serious saving up. The only things I allow myself to buy are those which I actually need.
  9. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 
  10. Wear sunscreen.
  11. Remove makeup before bedtime. I am a constant offender on this case. There’s be days when I just forget that I have makeup on. Sometimes, I am just too tired or lazy to remove it.
  12. Wash my face before bedtime. With or without makeup, our face needs to declog from all the dirt it has accumulated throughout the day.
  13. Blog at least TWICE a week. I won’t neglect my blog any more.
  14. Read at least ONE book every week. Any genre, any kind. I have neglected reading books for almost a year now. It’s either I kept buying or I kept borrowing and never reading any of it. Now all my books are just piled up somewhere gaining dusts.
  15. Connect with old friends, and make new friends. 


    1. Thank you! I do hope so. Right now I am failing at my “diet” healthy goals. :'< I just have no time to go out exercise. I am also always in a hurry, that's why I always end up with fast food. I really need a change of diet soon. 😦

      1. Ahaha, it’s hard being really diligent – I make my lunch/dinner the day before so I have it ready. It’s always something super simple, too….I find this helps keep me on track (mostly).

        1. One thing that has kept me from eating too much is my braces. Awful braces, has kept me from my love of eating. I just have gotten it adjusted and it has been real awful. -_- I haven’t eaten anything decently good this entire day. 😦 (On the bright side, I get to diet. :/)

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