Cheers to a Fabulous New Year!

My new year didn’t  exactly start out right. I got bitten by my friend’s dog on the afternoon of January 1. Amusingly, he bit me right after eating the dog treat I gave him. Despite the pain, I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing.

Two days after, my friend texted me informing me that we both had won a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just had woken up from my nap that night she texted. My mind was still very groggy and the only reactions that came to me were: “We won at the Paskuhan raffle?” “It’s a SCAM! SCAM I TELL YOU!” But my reply to her text was, “Oh really? I will check it out once my computer finishes booting.”

When my computer finished booting, I immediately logged on my Facebook account to see what the fuss has been about. I received three private messages from my friends informing me that I won.  I was wondering how I won until I saw my friend’s post on my wall that I won from Samsung’s Christmas promo, Samsung Galaxy Christmas Wishlist! I realized that I joined their raffle promo earlier in December. I already forgot about it, though it crossed my mind once or twice but I never made an effort to check out who the winners were. I could not believe I won. My eyes were glued on the screen thinking, “Wow, is this for real?”

The mechanics were to create a Christmas wishlist by matching 12 Samsung Galaxy phones to 12 of  Facebook friends (aka Chosen friends) whom they want to gift the phones to. I only made two wishlists instead of troubling myself to create a wishlist every single day. This was a raffle so winning is by pure chance and there’s no harm in taking chances. I took the chance and said to myself that if God wanted me to win, He will let me win. Samsung  Galaxy Christmas Wishlist 2012

I was being stupid that after thanking the Lord for His blessings, I questioned Him. I was like, “Why are You so nice to me?” “Why do You love me so much?” “I am such a failure, yet You’re too kind to me.” I could feel that the Lord wanted to smack my head right then and there and telling me, “Stupid woman. Isn’t this what you wanted? Can’t you just be thankful that I love you and I know what you need and what you want?” Anyway, I repented and thanked Him all over again afterwards.

My friend and I are very much excited to get out tabs! I spend some of my idle time daydreaming what I will do with it. Actually, I still have no idea what I will do with it. I still have my handy secondhand desktop computer which makes the tablet a bit useless to me. I don’t know but I am sure that it’s going to be useful to me in the long run. 😉

Who cares about the mad dog who bit me, I won a Galaxy Tab 2! Whoopeedoo!

How was the beginning of your 2013?

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