[Wet n’ Wild] Festive Flirt Nail Kit

Wet n' Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit

Greetings! I recently received Wet n’ Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit ($4.99) as a Christmas gift from my godmother/ ninang. This is the first time I have received a nail polish as a gift and I prefer not getting them as a gift because I am not a nail polish person.  I have a bad habit of chipping the nail polish of. Nail polishes don’t last a day on me nor do I have the diligence to maintain them. My elder sister, when she saw my gift, immediately took it from me and took it out of the box. She claimed it as hers and I just went along with it because she liked it more than I liked it.

Before completely handing over the nail kit to my sister, I took photos of it and tried them on. (Sorry for the bad photos. It was dark, being it was Christmas Eve, but I did try my best.)

Wet n' Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit

Wet n’ Wild Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit comes with 8 polishes. According to the packaging, Limited Edition Festive Flirt Nail Kit: “Vibrantly rich holiday colors with brilliant shine.” What I like about this kit is that most of the colors are usable for any occasion. The nail polish is pigmented but it comes with a strong alcohol scent. The name for the colors are also very cute.


Among the four, I really liked Bar-B and Almost Love. Misty Rose is also nice but the color makes me look older than I really am. Flirty Rose Crème was not my kind of pink, it was like carnation pink.


In my opinion, among the 8 nail polishes only one can be considered as “festive” and “vibrantly rich holiday colors” It is Royal Red. The rest are not really “festive” colors. They are dull to be compared to “festive”. Neither are they a “holiday color” but all of them can be considered to have a “brilliant shine”. Despite the pretty colors in the kit, I don’t find all the colors festive to be called “Festive Flirt Nail Kit”.

Among the four, I liked Shy and Broken Hearted, while Royal Red doesn’t go well with my skin tone.


The kit also comes with a handy nail file.

Nevertheless, it was a nice gift. I also wanted it for my own but my sister likes it more than me. I suggested that I would have half of the 8 nail polishes but she didn’t like the idea. I didn’t want to have a hard time so I just gave everything to her. She would appreciate it more than me. (For those of you who don’t know, my elder sister has autism.) What I plan to do is just say that it’s hers and leave it with her but I will use it once in a while, whenever I get a chance. This is how we share. LOL.

Thank you ninang for the sweet gift! My sister and I both liked it.

What recent gifts have you gotten this Christmas? Have you tried any Wet n’ Wild  nail polishes?


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