A Pleasant Surprise| I Am a Winner!

A few weeks ago, I joined GIG’s 100 Thank You Event (my post here).

I really wasn’t expecting to win this event because I was not an active member of GIG– I was the silent type. I am not an active blogger nor did I have a large reader base.

I was very surprised to see this post, with my name, on my Facebook newsfeed!

GIG's 100 Follower Giveaway Winner

I could not believe my eyes. I thought my eyes fooled me! I blinked my eyes and double checked if what I was seeing was true. Apparently, it is true! It is so true, I could not believe it. I was afraid I was dreaming. I kept staring at it until my brain has comprehended that I really had won.

No words can say how thankful I am. My heart is still over flowing with joy and my eyes are still holding back my tears.

Thank you Lord for such a sweet blessing.

Thank you GIG and all the sponsors of the event : (D) Sweetjellybean, (Ange) The Charmed Cupcake, (Liss) Latino Look, (Lisa) Mademoiselle Snow, (Dee) Haute Frugalista, (Mari) I Love Green Inspiration and (Saran) Cinnamon Spring.

Thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me.

I had only wished for this and I am incredibly happy that I am blessed to win in this event. I can’t wait to receive this and try it out.

Happy holidays everyone! May your wishes come true as it did for me.

Has any of your wishes been fulfilled this year?

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