Book Review: The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie

Please bear with me. This will be the first time I will do a book review. I will try my best not to give any spoilers.

I have heard a lot of good things about Agatha Christie ever since I was in grade school but I never got a chance to read any of her books. Good thing, my good friend lent it to me after she read it. (If you could remember, a few weeks ago my friends and I went to The National Bookstore Warehouse Sale where she got three Agatha Christie books for only Php 30 each!) The A.B.C. Murders is the first Agatha Christie novel I’ve read.

The A.B.C Murders by Agatha Christie

The A.B.C. Murders was a very good read. It’s my first time in a long time to read a mystery novel. My last was a Nancy Drew novel. I liked the novel was not that long, it is something you can bring anywhere to take up your idle time. I liked that there was a list of characters, though some of them were not necessary, to give a general background on the main cast. It especially helps first time readers.

Agatha Christie is good at the art of deception. She leads us to a set of clues and ideas pinpointing it to a certain person. All the way ’til the near end, we find out that he’s actually an innocent person! I found it amusing how all the clues will actually lead you to another person.

I had a bit of hard time reading this novel because it was narrated at a 2nd person’s point of view. I was used to reading mysteries at a 1st person point of view or at a third person point of view. I then grew to like the change because it was more mysterious at a 2nd person point of view. I could relate to Hastings, not that witty and not a good detective, he sees things the way I would also most likely see things. In a way I could easily put myself in his shoes.

I liked Poirot’s way of doing things. He was informal and unoffending. He was more into the psychological aspect rather than the physical aspect, more of understanding the murderer rather than the clues. By doing so, he is able to see through the people and realize who is the real murderer. Reminds me of Criminal Minds, don’t you think.

I enjoyed reading The A.B.C. Murders. I now know why Agatha Christie is so famous for her mystery novels. I can’t wait to get my hands on another of her novels.

Have your read The A.B.C. Murders? Have you read any novels by Agatha Christie?



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