Blog Hop#1 November 19th – 25th

I have always been interested in joining a blog hop but I don’t know how. When I finally saw one I immediately took the chance! 😀 Sadly, I joined on a few days after it expires. Boo. 😦 Oh well! I wanted to know how it goes. 😀

♥Its Monday so that means we hop for the rest of the week! Make sure you spread the word to your friends by hitting that Tweet link to share.
Official Rules of the Blog Hop!
♥You must follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (located to the right) or Facebook (located on the right)
♥Follow atleast one other blogger
♥Tweet or Facebook about this Blog Hop
♥Have fun and leave a comment
♥Like my Facebook Page♥
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Linky Widget expiration: in 2.5 days.

Have you tried joining blog hops? How was it?


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