Wishtrend: My Favorite Online Korean Store

I have previously talked about my bad habit of online window shopping at Wish Trend. This week Wish Trend has an event/contest and I am taking part of it!

What I like about Wish Trend:

  • Wish Trend offers authentic Korean products to world-wide consumers.
  • They also offer products from various ranges that aren’t available locally yet known quality products.
  • They give good detailed product information (they tell you if it’s suitable for your skin type, they have pictures of the products, and before and after shots) and brand information (they tell you how credible the products are) PLUS reviews from their ambassadors and consumers EVEN YouTube videos!
  • They ship worldwide and offers free shipping when you over USD 70!
  • They are generous in giving out samples! (Based from the blogs I have read.)
  • They have a “WISHBOX” which is similar to a subscription box.

I have always wanted to purchase items from Wish Trend but I don’t have a credit card nor a debit card. All I can do is wish.

[TOSOWOONG] Clean Pore Brush and Spot Pore Brush

[Elishacoy] 3D Spin Cleaner

I am very much interested in TOSOWOONG’s Clean Pore Brush and Spot Pore Brush and Elishacoy’s 3D Spin Cleaner ever since Wish Trend launched it in their website. I am very particular with skin care and I believe that it is the root to beautiful skin. The way Wish Trend markets their products is so good, you can’t help but want them! When they talked about the bristles, I was sold into believing it is a good product even without trying them out myself.

[SKIN79] BB cream Miniature Set (pink)

[SKIN79] BB cream Miniature Set (black)

I have heard good reviews about SKIN79 BB Creams and I am pretty much interested in trying them out. I think this miniature set is just perfect for me becuase I don’t know much about BB creams and I want to try their products.

I am also interested in the other skin care brands: Ciracle, CAOLION, MUSTAEV, Rojukiss, and Klair’s. My list would become too long if I included them. LOL.

Aren’t the brands and enticing they sell enticing? Do check them out and join the contest as well! The event/ contest ends at November 20.

Now, all that is left for us to keep wishing that we would win. Let us not lose hope and make that BIG WISH.

(Photo Source: Wish Trend)



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