Currently on 2012 MAMA Awards

I am somewhat disappointed with the current voting results of the MAMA awards. For those of you who don’t know, MAMA Awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards), is one of the major K-pop music award ceremonies being held annually in South Korea, involving the participation of some of the most well-known actors and idols, by Mnet Media.

One of my major issues is that Busker Busker and PSY not at the top of any category. I feel sad for them because I think that Busker Busker and PSY are on the top of Korean music this year. Gangnam Style and Cherry Blossom Ending anyone?

For rest, I think it’s a tough competition. There are many pretty good singers this year it was hard to choose without being biased. I felt disappointed because Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” wasn’t nominated as Song of the Year. Not that I am going to vote for them but if Super Junior managed to get nominated why not Big Bang, right?

I consider current promotions and activity, current status (active in Korea/Japan, currently touring, currently haitus, currently promoting) into voting. I was shocked when f(x) came out at the top of the Best Female Global  Group. But I don’t know, maybe it’s a matter of preference, you tell me.

It’s a tough competition for my Lee JongHyun’s “My Love” who is against TaeYeon’s “Missing You Like Crazy”  for Best OST. Both are wonderful songs but I sometimes find it hard to have an emotional connection with TaeYeon in her songs and singing. I will keep supporting my Lee JongHyun and his sweet, cool voice.

I am disappointed that Younha’s collaboration with John Park, 우린 달라졌을까 (Would We Have Changed), wasn’t nominated for Best Collaboration Performance. Their duet was beautiful, especially loved how their voices just blend well together in the chorus. They were just in harmony, it’s like their voices were meant for them to sing together. Would We Have Changed reminds me of Disney songs.

I think the current voting results is better this year than last year. Imagine my horror on last year’s MAMA Awards when Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop!” won Best Solo Dance Performance over Jang Woo Hyuk’s “Time is (L)over”. Just look at the awesome choreography. Sigh.

As you can see, I am not a very loyal Big Bang fan and I vote whom I think deserves my vote. Here’s my vote:

It has also been bothering me that other than Korean Acts there are no other Asian acts in their list of nominees. I thought this was supposed to be an Asian Music Awards?

Who did you vote for?



  1. wtf! trouble maker shouldn’t be allowed on there!!!!!! that song came out last year and they even performed it at the last one! D:< ugh =_______= i am just anti hyuna…. i'm only voting for it because i dont know the other songs & don't have time to look them up.

    D: why isn't fantastic baby on song of the year?

    ughhh =_= how on earth is suju the song of the year. dear god their song was just awful. it was autotuneblah. ;_; </3 come on psy & bigbang!

    1. I love you Jae! Thank you for being not some SM delusional fanatic! I was extremely happy to not see SNSD the final results so far! BWAHAHAHA.

      You should listen to the collaboration of Davichi and T-ara, it was really good. 🙂

      But I recommend you to listen to Younha with John Park’s song Would We Have Changed. It’s extremely good!

      What I was shocked about is EXO-K being the best new male artist when they were almost a flop in Korea.

      1. i LOVED EXO-K o_o every song! dear gah they were on repeat for so long but honestly they’re probably winning because EXO-M. China’s voted the most so far and EXO-M is huge in china. :/

          1. I think that’s why there was an EXO-M & EXO-K. They sing the same songs, just translated depending on what country they’re in. Each group has 6 members and most of the videos show all 12 but then only 6 will sing. It’s easy to tell which songs were written for what language though :/ some sound a little weird in chinese while some sound weird in korean….

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