Spotlight: I’m a Dove Girl and I Love It

Meet my current love, Dove Damage Therapy Straight & Silky shampoo and conditioner. I first encountered Dove Damage Therapy when a sales agent was promoting and giving out samples in the supermarket. My sister, being who she is, forced me to get one and try it at home. I was really unsure of Dove Damage Therapy that time because of my previous experiences with other Dove hair products were not suitable for my hair. If it weren’t for my sister I would never have tried this product, and guess what? I am now in love with Dove Damage Therapy!

Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair struggles is damage. That’s why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do.

Did you know? When your hair is damaged, your hair cuticles are lifted which leads to misalignment of your hair.

Dove Damage Therapy Straight & Silky shampoo and conditioner: patented with micro moisture serum nourishes your hair to repair and damage hair cuticles that cause misbehaving, fluffy hair. Leaves your hair straighter and manageable.

What I like about the product:

  • I like the scent that is prominent in all Dove products.
  • Leaves my hair smooth, silky and soft.
  • Doesn’t give me dandruff.
  • Doesn’t cause my hair to have major hair fall.
  • Affordable.
  • Available in all the local stores.

What I don’t like about the product:

  • In my case, it wasn’t able to deliver its promise of straighter hair. My hair has a bad case of flyaways and Dove doesn’t really do anything to manage it. Even after blow drying, my hair manages to flyaway once I walk out of my house. -_-

Verdict: I love am in love with Dove Damage Therapy and it is very suitable to for my hair. This is the best Dove hair product I have tried. The other ones were too harsh for me and left me with limp hair and major hair loss. Before using Dove Damage Therapy Straight & Silky, I was using other hair products. I have been blow drying my hair ever since I had a hair cut because my hair always flyaway. For a while my hair has become limp and dry because of my constant blow drying. But after trying Dove Damage Therapy Straight & Silky, after blow drying my hair it remains smooth and soft! I have also tried samples of Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair and it was also good!

Will I repurchase?: Of course, I am now on my second bottle! I am considering on trying the Dove Nourishing Oil Care after finishing this bottle.

To whom do I recommend this to: Anyone with different hair needs and problems, Dove has a solution for you. 🙂 I recommend using Dove Straight & Silky to those who have untreated hair.

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