September Haul: Face Mask Addiction and Other Things

There’s no doubt that I love buying beauty products. There came a time that every weekend I would just shop for beauty products!

I follow The Body Shop Philippines on Facebook and you could say that I regularly check their updates. When they announced that they will release another “campaign product” (that’s what I call it) the Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, I just automatically, without any hesitations, decided that I will buy it. I am just a huge fan and supporter of their campaigns.

Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, Php 250

That same week, TBS Philippines also announced a sale on their Strawberry Shower Gel, I was just tempted to buy one! One of the reasons I love TBS is their great line of products and their constant sales!

Strawberry Shower Gel (250 ml), Php 395 but I got mine at Php 195!

Ever since I found out The Face Shop opened up a store in SM Sta. Mesa, I have just been constantly stopping by there every chance I get. I have been addicted to face masks and made this weird goal to try all their face masks. Thankfully their products was still on “special sale”. I also like the salesladies of The Face Shop in SM Sta. Mesa their very kind, and they know the products they are selling.

Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera, Php 95 but I bought it for only Php 65

Real Nature Mask Olive, Php 95 but I bought it for only Php 65

The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist in Jeju Marine, Original Price is at Php 395, bought it for Php 250 only!

My only complaint with The Face Shop is that they still don’t have a website for Philippines! I believe they were one of the first Korean beauty stores to pop in the Philippines yet they still don’t have a website for Philippines. The reason why I want them to have a website is that it would be easier to check out their products and prices. I mean Etude House and Tony Moly has one, why not The Face Shop? I also think that they are lagging behind the marketing and PR in the internet. Unlike Etude House and Tony Moly, they keep us updated with their products- new and old in their Facebook pages.

After my first day at work, my friend and I decided to hit the malls. I heard Tony Moly was having a sale so I decided to drop by Tony Moly at SM North Edsa to check out their products. We were only suppose to look but we ended up buying things! I blame the saleslady for sweet talking us into buying. I really liked that sales lady that whenever I go to the Tony Moly SM North Edsa I hope that she’d be there. She’s really good at making the customers feel comfortable without seeming nosy or annoying. She is also very helpful in helping us decide which products suit us best. Best of all she knows the products very well! Next time I go there I will try to get her name and take a photo with her.

I thought there won’t be any products that would catch my eye on their sale. I guess I was wrong. I just can’t resist buying face masks especially when they’re on sale! The face masks were originally priced at Php 98, but we only bought them for only Php 49! Both my friend and I bought 2 of kinds of face masks.

Cottony Essence Sheet Mask Wine, Php 98

Mask Sheet Pack Houttuynia Cordata, Php 98

Song Joong Ki sticker, free

We got a free Song Joong Ki sticker! When I saw that she was putting it inside the bag I was wondering who the guy was. So when I got home I “wikipidiad” him and found out that he is a famous actor. Some of the shows he was casted on were very familiar to me. They are famous shows which I didn’t watch, no wonder I wasn’t familiar with him.

My only complaint about Tony Moly is that their descriptions, instructions are all in Korean and there is no English translation for them. It was difficult for us to choose the face masks because we have no idea what is for.  Thankfully the sales lady was there to explain products.

I like the change in the stores plastic packaging. It is now eco-friendlier.

I should probably make a review soon. 😛


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