Over the Internet: A Toy Train in Space

As I was browsing through the news feed of Facebook, I saw this short article: “Dad Sends His Son’s Toy Train to Space, Creates Short Film Showing the Journey” shared by my friend. It made me wonder how did they send the toy train to space and what gave them the idea to do so.

Initially I thought that when they sent it to space is that Ron Fugelseth sent the toy train outside the atmosphere. I was expecting the toy train to be floating! Guess it was my mistake not to read the article to clarify my thoughts. LOL.

I just loved the simple cinematography where it just captured the right scenes and expressions. You hardly heard them talk also but you can feel the emotion going on in there. I also find the animations for the toy train very cute. My favorite would be the song! It is so simple and neat and it just fits right into the short film. The initial part of the song sounded like it came out of a children show. He chose the right song that has the right tempo, build up, and suspension (when the train was high up the sky) for his short film. What I like about the sounds The cinematography and the sounds made a great combination to give the right feel for the short film.

What I also liked in this short film is the father-son bonding. I was impressed with Ron Fugelseth’s effort to spend time with his son, Jayden, and decided to create this small project with him. These are the kinds of memories children will never forget, when you go out and do something together. Jayden is also such a cutie!

Some of you have been reading long enough to know I don’t have a father anymore and I have lost him at a very young age. Things like these will always makes me feel envious, because I have no memories of him that I can look back to. My dad and I never got to really do anything together that would leave me a big impression. When it comes to my dad, I have little to no memories of him, so I am a bit clueless to what kind of person he was. That’s why I look up to fathers (also mothers) who spend time with children.

My small advice to parents out there: spend time with your children and make lasting memories with them!

You may also watch a short interview of Ron and Jayden. A Toy Train in Space also has a Facebook page!

*Note: I did my research and found that the name of the beautiful song is Young At Heart by OLIVE MUSIQUE.


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