Online Shopping Blues: GIVE ME THE MONEY!

I love online window shopping and recently I have been looking at Wish Trend. I always do online window shopping but I never thought that there would actually come a time where in I would feel this urge to really want to buy something.

This is what I have been staring at my screen for a while now. I wish I could just find a credit card on the floor and just hit the “CONFIRM TO BUY BUTTON”. This is torture for me because I don’t have a credit card! ASFGH!@TV#$! Most of the items I chose are on surprise deal and I don’t know for how long will this deal last. Maybe tomorrow the deal’s gone! AUGH! I am so sad right now. God help me.

I need money. I want money. Life is hard, you don’t get money. Online window shopping at Wish Trend is addicting and I am now speaking nonsense.

Good night!



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