Review: The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter – Your Lips, Your Voice, Your Vote Campaign

When I found out that The Body Shop Philippines is releasing its new campaign Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, I quickly put it to my must buy list. Last Sunday, I made sure to drop by The Body Shop to check if they are already selling the Dragon Fruit Lip Butter. To my joy, The Body Shop in SM Sta. Mesa have already started selling them!

Awesome Factors:

  •  You’re helping the charity! The Body Shop states that, “When you use Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, you will find your lips feel softer and smoother and you can be proud in knowing you are helping your chosen charity.  Thats because ALL profits from the sale are donated to charity.” 
  • The Smell! I love the smell. When I went to look at the tester and opened the cap there’s this strong sweet smell from it. It smells so delicious that when you apply it to your lips, it stays with you for an hour (I think). It made me want to eat my lips!
  • Effectively moisturizing. My lips are very dry. I wake up almost everyday to find the two corners of my lips BLEEDING (but a tiny one of course!) I’ve been using the Dragon Fruit Lip Butter ever since I bought it and I have noticed that my lips have become softer and smoother. The two corners of my lips are still a bit dry, but it does not bleed any more.

Not So Awesome Factors: NONE that I can think of. 🙂

Overall: It’s a must buy and encourage everyone to buy it. The Dragon Fruit Lip Butter has a light texture but will give your lips superb moisture and softness. It also gives your lips a light shine.

Repurchase? Why not!

From The Body Shop Philippines YOUR LIPS, YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE! Campaign:


Become a beauty activist with The Body Shop Foundation Dragon
Fruit Lip Butter

The Body Shop Foundation has been helping Grass Roots charities since 1989. That’s why we’ve launched our super moisturizing Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, the first The Body Shop product which allows you to support a charity of your choice.

Three charities were selected in each participating country. For every sale of The Body Shop Foundation Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, profits will go to charitable causes.

But the best things about it? You get to choose which charity you want to support through a unique voting mechanic. You get soft, super kissable lips and get to choose which charity you want to help out. Now that’s Beauty With Heart.

1-2-3 Activism!

Buy a deliciously zesty, Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, for superb moisturisation and lips that are super soft, super smoochable
and super sexy. For every purchase you make, you’ll get one token. Each token represents the profits from the sale of the Lip Butter.

Take your token to the voting box.The voting box will have three separate slots, each one for a different local charity.Vote for the charity you want to support by dropping your token into one of the slots. The choice is yours.

You enjoy luscious lips and a warm feeling inside, we count the votes and help support local charities. Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.That’s our philosophy!

So what are you waiting for? Vote with your Lips at any The Body Shop store NOW!

The 3 organizations your purchase of Dragon Fruit Lip Butter will go to are PETA Asia-Pacific, Childhope Asia Philippines, and Cambugsay Tree Planters. Please show your support for human rights, animal welfare, and environmental protection and buy now!


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