REBLOG: Shen’s Addiction is having her 4th Anniversary Giveaway!
I think it’s high time for me to finally celebrate my blog’s FOURTH ANNIVERSARY, don’t you agree? In conjuction with my 29th year birthday, I once again bring you a fun giveaway! But this time with a twist. 🙂
It’s been a bumpy fourth year, I can tell you that much. I’ve lost mojo for a time, waded through a lot of difficulties. I’ve always said that I don’t blog for anyone else but myself… But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you, guys. That is why I go through great lengths to give back some of the blessings I’ve been given for the past year.
Fours years of you coming back and checking out every post, looking through every pictures and reading every word I say about my latest beauty addiction is no joke. With the number of readers this blog had for the past years, some of you have become my friends on and offline. You are all a major part of me as you accept me for who I am. You don’t pressure me to post the latest products, you bide your time waiting for what I can write. You didn’t even stop supporting me when I stopped blogging for awhile last year. I read many messages from you guys on how you missed me and how I changed your perspective when it comes to beauty and blogging.
 I still can’t believe that you guy still keep on supporting me and believing me. Words are not enough to describe how I appreciate the support and encouragement you’ve given me in those four years.
That’s why, with no further ado, I bring you….

Win prizes from Snoe BeautyThe Body Shop, Kerastase, Snyoss, Charm Makeup Brushes,Covergirl, Max Factor, Majolica MajorcaBenefit Cosmetics, Estee LauderBobbi Brown,MakeupholicsK-PaletteVenus and MarsDoveGarnier, Royal Effem, Kiehl’s, Nivea, Revlon,Ellana, and more!
 How to join:
Answer this question:
How did Shen’s Addiction Beauty Blog
encouraged you in exploring beauty?
(You can be as creative as you like or as simple! You can send me photos, drawings, stories, poems, looks, etc. No limit at all! If your entry requires for me to physically see it, we can arrange for a meet-up or delivery.) But no pressure of course. 🙂
if I receive more sponsorship prizes, I will add more winners
How will your entry qualify?
  1. *You must be a subscriber (Not yet a subscriber, Click here. Please don’t forget to activate your e-mail subscription! 🙂 And please don’t unsubscribe once this contest is finish. 🙂
  2. **Must be a Google Friend Connect if you have one.
  3. Must be a liker of Shen’s Addiction Facebook Page ( and must share this contest! 🙂 (share button is above. thank you!) (please provide link)
  4. A follower on Twitter ( and please retweet this contest! (retweet button above! thank you!) (please provide link!)
  5. Please re-blog or post this contest and share them to your readers!! If you don’t have a blog, place them on your Facebook Note! 🙂
  6. To show our appreciation to our sponsors. Please Like them please. Most of the prizes after all are provided by them. (links to follow in succeeding days, find them on the side bar)
  7. Email your answer/entries at and that you’ve completed no.’s 1-6!


 Here’s my entry: __________________________________________________

1. Subscribed (email:

2. Followed at google connect (username: mariadcruz)
3. Liked you on FB (name: Maria Dela Cruz) and Shared it on my page! link here _____
4. Followed you on Twitter (@mariadcruz) and retweeted it! link here _____
5. Posted this contest to my blog! (link:

6. Liked and shared the following sponsors (minimum: 10 sponsors liked):

Majolica Majorca: (link)
Garnier: (link)
Bobbi Brown: (link)

Comment on the COMMENT BOX below with your name and email address once you’re done sending your entry.
Please don’t plagiarize your answer.
Open only to Philippine Residents
Contest Duration:
September 8 to October 8, 2012
I will contact the winner via e-mail. Winners have 30 days to reply with the needed information of claiming the prizes. No reply within the said period, the winnings are forfeited.
Good luck!! 
I can’t wait to receive your entries!!

*Only activated e-mails will be honored to be fair to everyone! And it’s only when your e-mail is activated can you receive e-mail updates for my posts. 🙂
**Google Friend Connect is also the same as the previous follow button of Blogspot. If you are already following me, please indicate your username or blog name.

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Got questions? Contact me here.

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