National Heroes Day Food Adventure: I conquered the Jawbreaker!

We have always wanted to try Zark’s didn’t want to join the clamor at Zark’s during their Jawbreaker Day. So, my friends and I decided to have a dinner National Heroes Day “celebration” at Zark’s Burgers. What is Zark’s Burgers?

Burgers with attitude There are burgers. And there are Gourmet burgers. Here at Zark’s it’s all about FRESH! We only use quality ingredients and everything is made to order to create the tastiest burger out there. Well, not really the tastiest, pero pwede na. hehe :))) It’s Huge! It’s Fresh! It’s Great! It’s Zark’s!

Zark’s is a pretty popular place even though it’s not their Jawbreaker Day, there’s was a long waiting queue. The restaurant is a small, cramped place that they tried to maximize the space in order to meet the demand. What I liked about their service is that they didn’t make us wait much longer for our orders to arrive. The waiting time to get inside was longer than the waiting time for the order. There are three categories of burgers: Minor League, Major League, and The Best Pound for Pound.

Being a brave soul and a girl with a big appetite, I challenged myself to order the Jawbreaker. But I am not that stupid to do the 5-min challenge, I know my capabilities. LOL. The Jawbreaker is at Php250 and comes with fries and drinks.

The Jawbreaker is a triple cheeseburger with spam and bacon overflowing cheese sauce on top.

Verdict: No wonder it’s called The Jawbreaker, I was already full halfway through my burger. I had to force myself to finish it all. I was able to finish it all but afterwards, I felt so bloated and heavy. It was hard to eat The Jawbreaker with hands. I had to stare at it for a while to think of a “strategy” to eat it without being messy. The patty was well made, not too salty and not too greasy. I didn’t like the style of cooking for the bacon which made it chewy, giving a person with braces a hard time. I like my bacons crunchy.  I also didn’t like their bun cause it was too big and a bit dry. It’s a “sulit” meal for me. I would come again to Zark’s Burger when they’re not on their rush hour. I would love to try their other burgers but none from their The Best Pound for Pound burgers, I don’t want to die young.

My guy friend ordered a The Best Pound for Pound burger: Jackhammer. He wasn’t able to finish it all. -_-

My other friend ordered a Major League burger: Zark’s Ultimate Burger.

And lastly, the American All Star. Which is also considered a Major League burger. Looks like Zark’s Ultimate Burger minus the mushrooms.

Considering that the three of us were girls, I think we did fairly well.

For me, Zark’s Burger is a place to eat for get togethers. The price is not bad and I think all their meals are sulit.

Have you tried Zark’s Burgers? Which ones did you like?


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