Food Adventures: Son of Baconator Meal and Kitkat Twisted Frosty [Review]

Hello delayed posts! A few months ago, I dared myself to eat Baconator but I wasn’t sure if I could finish it. Instead, I tried to order the new Wendy’s Son of Baconator.

It’s 150PHP a la carte but goes around 269PHP set meal with regular fries and drinks. I was very hungry that day, I ordered a set meal with KitKat Twisted Frosty.

Son of Baconator Meal with KitKat Twisted FrostyThe entire meal was worth the money. The drinks and fries were bigger than regular meals of other fast food restaurants. I’d say, Wendy’s french fries is the best fast food french fries I’ve tasted. You’ve had to try and taste it to know it!

There are two flavors for Twisted Frosty- Oreo and KitKat. I ordered KitKat because it was something new and unuasual for me. I’ve never heard of Twisted Frosty nor have I heard of KitKat as toppings (used to Oreo as toppings). I think the Twisted Frosty was “sulit” for 70PHP. The amount of KitKat in the Frosty was just enough, not too much not too less. It’s bigger compared to the regular sizes of McDonald’s McFlurry. Even though I liked it, it was too much for me, I got “sawa” and “umay” with it. I wish they’d make a smaller 50PHP worth size of Twisted Frosty. I’d like to try Oreo Twisted Frosty next time.

FOR TOMASIAN FACULTY AND STUDENTS! Did you know that you get a 10% Discount on all Wendy’s a la carte products from June 4- October 21, 2012. Must present a valid ID before ordering. This promo is only valid at Wendy’s Dapitan.

Go dine at Wendy’s Dapitan while the promo is still available!



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