Delivery that touches your heart

Today, I asked my friend to fix my computer. I don’t know how to call him, but he’s more of my father figure in the church. I may have lost my blood father, but God has given me people who I consider as my “father” and treat me as their own. Now, I have many “fathers”! So when he came over to fix my computer, he also brought me egg tarts from Lord Stow’s. I don’t know how he and his wife does it, I don’t tell them but whenever I am feeling down and blue they always manage to “deliver” me something to make me chipper. They were the ones who also brought me the super yummy lasagna. Their “deliveries” always makes me warm and cuddly inside. They always take good care of me.

Yummy Lord Stow’s egg tarts. 🙂

No words can describe how much I deeply appreciate them. I thank and praise God for giving me such loving third family.

On the side, I finally got my longgggg awaited “Chicha-rabao” from Cagayan Valley! I kept nagging my friend/s to bring me one whenever he comes to visit Manila. He always forgets to bring me one. This time he remembered to bring me “Chicha-rabao” but forgot to bring me my favorite milk candy. 😦 But who’s to complain when he bought me three packs of “Chicha-rabao” when I only asked for one. 😀

Carabao Chicharon

I like the packaging’s simplistic design. I adore their “Super Carabao” (I’ll call him that) mascot. “Healthier” alternative to the regular pork chicharon. I wonder if this is sold here in Manila.



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