Post-Birthday Gift

As you can see, I am not creative when it comes to the title of my post. So last month, I celebrated my 21st birthday. I still can’t believe and accept the fact that I am no longer a TEENager. I have stopped counting my age when I reached 18. So whenever people ask me how old I am, I initially think I am 18 years old then realizing I was 18 years ago!

I am now 21, but I still am fond of cute, adorable, unique things. When my friend gave this to me, I can’t help but want to show it to everyone.

My friend gave me this “egg” looking thing. I don’t know what you call it, but you can mostly find it at toy shops. It usually costs you a few of your coins, depending where you come from.

Inside this “egg” thing is usually a keychain or a toy. Inside mine, I got a keychain!

Apparently, the keychain I got has a removable “helmet”! :O

Without his helmet.

Isn’t it adorable!

With his helmet on

Sadly, I don’t know from which anime this character is from. I am curious as to why this guy has this huge helmet or whatever that thing is.

Does anyone know which anime he is from?

*Do correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve searched through Google and found at that the “egg” things I call are called “Toy Capsules”.

EDIT: Rei has told me this character is Sagaru Yamazaki from the anime Gintama. Thank you Rei! 🙂



  1. The character there is Sagaru Yamazaki from the anime Gintama. The helmet-like thing is well… a bomb disguised as toy, called a Justaway. What you have there is only the top of it, here’s what the full thing looks like: [] The character’s together with the Justaway is because they’re related in some way in one part of the storyline in Gintama. If you’re interested in anime and likes ridiculous comedy, I recommend you to watch Gintama! I think it’s a really good show!

    And yes, you’re right, they’re called toy capsules, also known as Gashapon/Gachapon.

      1. You’re welcome! Yep, it has it. I think you should decide based on your own preferences. If you prefer sounds and animations like me, you should go for the anime. But if you prefer to read and leave all the actions and voices to your own imagination, you should go for the manga. Manga is the most original work, and reading it is also the faster way to catch up the series to its lastest (currently having 409 chapters altogether and still ongoing) but as for me, I’d prefer the anime (which is on a hiatus right now with 252 episodes available) because 1. I read rather slow and 2. I personally find more entertainment with colors, music, sound effects, voices, and animations! I’ve never really read the manga before, so I can’t judge whether the anime or the manga is better, but hey, both should be just as enjoyable. (:

    1. So I’m rather new and I don’t know how to reply under your other comment, so I will reply here.
      Usually, if it’s manga like Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, I watch the anime. But if it’s like Bleach, where it has deviated from the original manga, I read the manga. Unlike Bleach, Naruto only had fillers that didn’t cause the plot line to deviate from the manga, so I just tolerate the whole thing. In some way, it adds up to the minor character development. But I don’t know the case of Gintama…

      1. In that case, I think you should read the manga for Gintama then. I’m sorry I can’t help much on telling you if the anime is loyal to the manga or not since I don’t read it, but I can tell you that Gintama is slightly different from all those shounens. Gintama does have a main storyline like all of those you’ve mentioned, but not everything in it revolves around that storyline. Most episodes in the anime (except for the beginning) is one episode, one story, with some other major arcs that drag out for a few episodes. So what I’m trying to say is that Gintama’s anime shouldn’t deviate too much from the manga, and even if it does, it won’t affect your understanding of the original storyline or lessen your enjoyment level. I think that the enjoyment level actually just boils down to if you like the type of humour that’s in Gintama or not (I hope you do :D), but for now, I’d recommend you to go for the manga!

        As for the reply, if you go to your dashboard > settings > discussion, you will see the “enabled threaded (nested) comments. I assume that the number you have there is 3, which is why the reply button is no longer available at the third comment on the list of replies. You can always increase that number to allow more replies on one list.

        1. Thank you for your recommendations and advices! I will start reading Gintama once I’ve cleared up my manga reading list. So far, I have over 50. :)))
          Thank you for the reply thing, I have been over reliant on Google for all my questions. :))) I can’t survive blogging here without Google. :))

          1. Woah, that’s quite a number! And you’re welcome, I think I’ll be keeping a look out for your future updates!

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