Must Save to Watch List

This year is an exciting year for the Philippines. I have never been excited to watch a concert or musical before, ’til now. Here are my must save to watch list:

1. The Phantom of the Opera is in Philippines!

The Phantom of the Opera came into film when I was still just an elementary student. I found it nice but too long that I fell asleep halfway. I only watched it because my cousin, Dianne, loved it so much she kept spazzing about it. I fell in love with it when I rewatched it in a Lifestyle Network Sunday movie special. I think, me, being a high school student that time gave me a bigger appreciation for it.

When I was having my Summer vacation in Singapore back in 2007, The Phantom of the Opera Musical posters were all over Singapore. That’s when I decided that when The Phantom of the Opera Musical comes to Philippines, I would go not miss watching it. I wanted to make this musical the first musical I would watch.

2. Big Bang is coming to Manila!

Being such a Big Bang fan, I am very much excited about this. I have been a Big Bang fan since high school.  I  discovered Big Bang through T.O.P.. I started liking T.O.P. by watching the TV series I Am Sam at the local KBS channel. Through T.O.P. I was able to discover Big Bang and fall in love in all their songs (and fall into fangirl crush on T.O.P.).

By hook or by crook, I will watch this live!

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I think I am person who is easily influenced by others. I had no intention of reading this book nor watching it initially. But my friend, Iris, was telling me how much she loves the book and how excited she is for the movie that I decided to give the book a try.

I fell in love with the book. I will not expound on how much I liked the book because I am still not good at expressing myself. It’s a good coming of age novel, I wish I had read sooner when I was still younger. It has a lot of memorable moments and quotes. I really recommend people to read it.

I also fell in love with the trailer, it made me excited to watch the movie. This is one of my favorite trailers that I “raped” the replay button, the other being The Hunger Games. I think the acting would be superb. And the trailer song was such a memorable song, I think suits the book and the story very much.

Here is my favorite version of the video of It’s Time by Imagine Dragons:

I found it creative that they incorporated stomping and clapping in this video. I loved how they just looked like they’re enjoying. I think this version depicts the wildness, silliness, and the youth in the book. My other favorite trailer song is Safe and Sound by Taylot Swift ft. The Civil Wars.


On the side, I have also been saving up for a Canon digital camera:

Canon PowerShot A4000 IS (PHP10,298)

but I was never a fan of touchscreen cameras. I think I might go for

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS (PHP6,998)

or maybe Canon PowerShot A2400 (PHP6,998)

*prices are based from Canon‘s website.

I don’t really see much difference between Canon PowerShot A3300 IS or Canon PowerShot A2400, except Canon PowerShot A2400 is thinner.


What do you think? Are there any movies, musicals or concerts you’re dying to watch?


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