Best Student-Teacher Manga: Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei…

Title: Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei…  ; 大好きだったよ、先生。。。
Author: SHIRAISHI Yuki
Shogakukan, 2011

This manga is rather short, with only 2 chapters but leaves a good aftertaste. I would rather you read the manga first before reading my essay about it. LOL.

[WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS] I have read many student-teacher relationship types of manga and this manga is one of the best for me. What I liked about this manga is that it is not your typical Student-Teacher manga where the heroine just throws away her future for the teacher nor the teacher throws away his career for the student. This is also not the type where the student/teacher is only fooling around but rather both the student and the teacher are sincere for each other PLUS it’s not all about having sex, which is the trend with this type of manga. This was the case of Ito when her teacher ex-boyfriend decides to be the mature man. I don’t know the background story because it was not elaborated but Ito’s ex thought it was better if they broke up and separated. Ito still isn’t mature enough to understand the decision of her ex and heartbroken. Ito later falls in love with Izumi but later finds out she’s a teacher in her school. She understood from her past experience that having a relationship with a teacher would do her no good nor would it do any good with her boyfriend- the rumors, the drama. She decides for herself that she should end this relationship before it gets deeper and Izumi respects her decision. What I liked about it here is that they both are mature enough to know the consequences of their actions. The separation of Ito and Izumi made them realize each other’s worth and grow more. Izumi waited for Ito to graduate before asking Ito to go out with her again. Why hurry when you can wait?

My side on student-teacher relationships is that it is best if the older one chooses to wait for the student to graduate before pursuing a romantic relationship. The student is still young and curious and it would grow up on her own and figure things out on her own than the teacher teaching everything to the student. This would only make the student dependent on the teacher and the teacher might also take advantage of the naivety of the student.  The teacher would only be snatching away the student’s youth. Like I said why hurry when you can wait. I believe that despite the time and distance, if you two are truly meant to be, you two would eventually fall into each others arms.



  1. I ‘m reading this one with a student- teacher relationship, but it’s on-going , though about to end soon, I reckon. It’s a secret relationship, but they’re intimate. What I like about the story is that there are no rivals that will wrench the readers’ hearts, the teachers does love his gf student, and has even formally asked for her parents’ approval. It’s all good.

    1. Oooh! What’s the title!

      Sorry for the late reply! I just checked my spam comments and found your comments in there! :O I was also shocked that I have so many! It was sort of difficult to discern which are spams. :/ Have you encountered such?

      1. No, not really. But my comments go to some bloggers’ spam folders, like mine in yours.
        Oh, and it;’s a delight you’re a manga reader, too ! Lovely! And I’ll check out the title of the manga. the update is sooo slow though.

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