Over the Internet: Estée Lauder Signature Technique How-To Videos

So I was scrolling around Michelle Phan’s or was it Promise Phan’s Facebook page last night when I discovered this! For me it’s so amazing that I want to share it to everyone I know and all the make-up lovers out there.

I have been reading many magazines and watching many youtube how to videos, but this is my first time coming across this kind of technique! Whoever thought of this was pure genius! I mean, who would have thought of mixing eyeliner and concealer as base? What I also liked about the video is that the model is an Asian and has a mono-lid, this make me relate better. Usually, the models make-up artists use are westerns with double eyelid. I am a Chinese-Filipino, who unfortunately loves make-up and it takes me ample time just to finish my doing smoky eyes. This awesome discovery made creating smoky eyes much easier and less of a hassle. I will definitely try this! But I will first buy myself a concealer.

Another video that has piqued my interest:

That “E” or “3” shape would really make the whole bronze look natural!

Who would have thought that Estée Lauder were not snobbish make-up artists who would like to keep their secrets and techniques to themselves? I already love Estée Lauder but now I love them much more! Check out more of their videos at their Youtube Channel

Did you already know this? Have you tried it? You definitely should try it out yourself and tell me what you think!


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