Hello World!

So I made a blog, again. I hope I would be able to maintain this and keep it updated. I forgot how many blogs I tried to pull but I really do hope that this would be the last one. 😀

Why Jacques’ Delight?

I was thinking creatively for a name and I got stuck with the name Random Cheese. Unfortunately, someone already got the name  “Random Cheese” at  Blogspot and WordPress. I don’t know why but I currently love the word “cheese.” I was stuck because I really loved the name. So I was thinking really hard for another name when I got the idea of inputting my name into it. So I thought, “Jacques”… “Jackson” hmmm… “Jackson.” And I suddenly remembered my photo album in Facebook “The World is delicious” and my friend’s photo album “Guilty Pleasures” when “Jacques’ Delight” came into my mind. (Which I think is a much better than my earlier idea of calling my blog “Cheesebloks.”)

I named this blog Jacques’ Delight because I hope to share thing I take delight in. But most of all, this blog is created to kill time and share my own random thoughts. I will try my best to nag and spread my rage here. LOL.

Right now, I am still tinkering on WordPress. I am still clueless with it’s platform.

Hope you would stick around. 🙂



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